Wise Registry Cleaner Review and Guide

Wise Registry Cleaner

Registries are the enormous batch of files that keep the record of your OS and the software associated with it. It consist all the information about your system from the software you’ve installed-uninstalled to the websites you visited and a single registry can therefore have hundreds of entries too. The system keeps generating new entries when it’s required. To keep the system clean and remove the old and unwanted registries, wise registry cleaner can be used which cleans the system without messing up with the important files of windows. It is one of the most widely used registry cleaners present in the market today and offers a safe and fast registry cleaning. It is user friendly and has popularized in recent years between the masses. Below is how you can and should use wise registry cleaner. Create a backup of your existing registry entries before using the software. It’s the best because if any error occurs or any important entry gets deleted, you’ll have an immediate backup.

  • Make sure that you exit all the other software running on your system before you execute your registry cleaner.
  • Always follow the direction given on wise registry cleaner wizard. The wizard will first run a scan to check all the entries and then create a list of entries that have errors and then offer to either repair them or delete.
  • Deleting borderline entries that are associated with more than one program can affect your system and software’s performance so if you’re doubtful about them, let them be there.

1. That is all you need to know before using wise registry cleaner. Now to get started with it and create a backup, follow the following steps. You need to install the software properly. Make sure that you check the options for displaying the program on the desktop.

Wise Registry Cleaner Installer

2. Now double click the icon on your screen that says ‘wise registry cleaner’. If it’s located elsewhere than the main screen, browse for it. You can also run the program by finding it in the start menu. Wise registry cleaner offers 3 types of modes viz. Manual, automatic and command-line.

Wise Registry Cleaner Icon3. Click on the backup button at the top. Out of the two options, select ‘create a full registry backup’. ‘Create a system restore point’ is not required at the moment.

Wise Registry Backup Button

4. The process can take a few minutes. Keep patience and wait till then. After the process gets over, you can check and access the backup on the restore tab.

After you get over with it, you can proceed to the point where you can safely clean your system’s useless entries. To get on to that, follow the steps below- On the home page of the wise registry cleaner software, click the ‘scan’ button which is located on the bottom right of the screen.

Wise Registry Scan Button

Wise Registry Scanning

    • By doing this, all the entries stored in your system will get scanned and the ones with errors will get listed so that you can be able to take an action in order to ‘repair’ or ‘remove’ them.
    • On the results’ screen, click on ‘start cleaning’ to delete all the files with errors.

    By following this simple tutorial, you can avoid deleting important registries, learn to handle the software better and enjoy the benefits that wise registry cleaner offers.

    Download Wise Registry Cleaner

    – From Official Website : http://www.wisecleaner.com/wiseregistrycleanerfree.html

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