Windows 8 Custom Cursors

One of the fun thing to do with Windows (any version) is to customize it to your liking.  Windows 8, provide you with fresh design and new cursors.  Today we will show you how to edit Windows 8 Custom Cursors and provide you with a big list of downloadable cursors for free.

How to edit Custom Cursors on Windows 8 (works also on Windows 7)

1. From Control Panel, select ‘Personalization’.

Control Panel Personalization

2. Select ‘Change Mouse Pointers’ from the left menu.

Change Mouse Pointer

3. Download any mouse pointer package from the list below and extract them to a specific directory.

4. Click on a cursor you would like to change and then select ‘Browse’.

Browse Mouse Pointer

5. Browse to the selected cursors and click ‘ok’.

Browse selected mouse pointers

6. Do it for all cursors you like and then click ‘apply’.

Apply cursors changes

TechSultan’s Custom Cursors List

– Aero Black Blue (Download)

Aero Black Blue Cursors

– Aero Black Gold (Download)

Aero Black Gold Cursors

– Aero Gold (Download)

Aero Gold Cursors

– Aero Purple (Download)

Aero Purple Cursors

– Aero Red Dark (Download)

Aero Red Dark Cursors

– Aero Red (Download)

Aero Red Cursors

– Aero Deep Blue (Download)

Aero Deep Blue Cursors

– Aero 8 Colored versions (Download)

Aero 8 Colored

– Win 8 Busy Black (Download)

Win 8 Busy Black

– Win 8 Busy Green (Download)

Win 8 Busy Green

– Win 8 Busy Magenta (Download)

Win 8 Busy Magenta

– Win 8 Busy Orange (Download)

Win 8 Busy Orange

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