Windows 7 Search Alternative

Microsoft’s Windows 7 is a great operating system, I also think it’s the best one so far after Windows XP.  One thing Microsoft should work on is their search system.  Like many other, I disable search index on all computer I touch since it’s a ressource pain and doesn’t really improve searches on disk.  Today we will present you a light-weight Windows 7’s search alternative called Everything.  It is a free and blazing fast working solution.

Download Everything Search Engine

Download from their official website.

How to install and use it

1. Download Everything’s lastest version.  In this tutorial we worked with version

Everything Installer File

2. Run, double-click on setup file.

Everything Setup Main Screen

3. Select all default options in the next screens.  Do not worry, there is no adware or malware installing with this, this is a CLEAN freeware.

4. As soon as installation is finished, Everything open and do a quick index of your hard drive.

Everything Main Screen

5. In the following example, we did a search on ‘hosts’ file, and it took nearly 2 seconds to find, I am not kidding!  It’s truly a Windows 7 Search alternative here.

Everything Search Example

6. From ‘Tools’ and then ‘Options’ you can edit few preferences such as which volume to index or not to index.

Everything Volume Index

7. From ‘search’ menu bar, you can select to do your searches using Regexp (regular expressions).  It is pretty useful when you have more specific searches.

Everything Search Regexp

8. Everything is also installing itself in Windows’ contextual menu.  You can do search in specific folders.

Everything Search from Contextual Menu

9. Another pretty cool functionality, it’s the embedded web search server. From ‘tools’ select ‘start http server’ and you will be able to do searches from remote location to that specific computer.

Everything Start HTTP server

10. Following example of a search of ‘hosts’ file in web browser using HTTP search server.

Everything Web Search


There is no need to wait, this one is a no-brainer!  Windows 7 Search alternative by excellence.  It works and it’s fast, as simple as that.  Also, one last thing, this one works will all Microsoft’s Windows version from XP and up.

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