Windows 7 Basic Tutorial Roundup

We have published a lot of Windows 7 basic tutorial since TechSultan’s opening.  Today we are pleased to make a list of our best written tutorials available here.  We write our tutorial with passion and include as many screenshots as possible to help you follow them easily.

From download links to useful free apps, we will guide you to master Windows 7 in every way.

Windows 7 Basic Tutorial List

Windows 7 Official Download Links

In this post, we make hard job of finding links on Microsoft’s website easier for you.  We grabbed all Windows 7 download links (direct-ones) for you.  This include different languages versions and architecture (x86 and x64).  The only thing you need here is a valid genuine Windows license.



Downgrade a Windows 8 installation to a fresh Windows 7

In this post, we decided to please our fellow Win 7 lovers that dislike pre-installed Windows 8 on their new computer or laptop.   So if you bought a new computer and want to rollback to Windows 7, this guide is for you.



How to restore Master Boot Record (MBR) on Windows 7

In this post, we help you to restore your MBR (known as master boot record).  You need to do this procedure only when you can’t boot anymore on your Windows 7 and it says an error about boot record or something related to it.  This fix takes only a few minute to operate.  Note that this also work on Windows 8.


How to fix Windows 7 Pinned Icons shortcuts

In this post, we help you fix Windows 7 pinned icons.  Sometimes when you mess with pinned icons ( delete them and re-create them ) you might get some of them not working.  Clicking on them makes nothing, they become un-responsive.  In this guide we show you how to re-activate them and fix them.


Remote IP config change on Windows 7

In this post, we show you and guide you on how to manually change IP addresses of remote computer on a domain or a private network.  You can change default network mask, dns and static IP.  This guide require you to have administrator privileges on remote computer.




If you love Windows 7, you’ll love previous tips and keep them in your private bookmarks.  Some might be useful to anyone while other are specific to IT professionnals.

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