Why root your android device ?

Are you planning to root your android device? Are you rooting it for a specific reason? Then you are at right place. In this article we are going to reveal some features of a rooted android device, so that you can get more from your rooted device. You can use these features only when you device is rooted properly or you can say that you have the root access of your device. Note that rooting reduces your device’s security.


Gain Low Level Hardware Access

Rooting your device also gives you a low level hardware access to you device. You can also now change the kernel of your device. For example, Nexus 4 users can wake up their device by simply swapping on the display rather than pressing the power button to wake it up. This can be achieved by installing the Touch Control app after rooting your device. Since, it works as a kernel module that is why it requires your device to be rooted. Other features that kernels customization can do involves display calibration, CPU down clocking (increases battery life), CPU up clocking (reduces battery life)


Removing Bloatware Completely

Now android is providing a way to disable apps that are pre installed by the manufacturers. But these apps are just disabled and take lots of space on your device’s drive. With root access on your device, you can even delete these apps and recover the space to use it for other purposes. However this is not recommended because it can cause malfunctioning of your device, if you remove an app that is required by the device. It is worth doing if you are running low in your storage space and want to use space wasted by bloatware.


Plug n Play USB Sticks

It is possible to connect a USB stick to your android device and play it directly on your device. You can connect using a standard OTG cable. However, most android devices do not support USB sticks, but with root can you can do it using apps like Stick Mount app. This app will display the entire data on your device and you can even access that data on your device.


Automate Things

Now you can make your android smart phone seems to even more smarter by automating various activities. Tasker is an app that allows you to make things automatically happen when a certain condition is met. However, some low-level features requires root access, so you’ll need to give Tasker super user access.



Block Ads

One of the greatest reasons why many developers root their android devices is just to stop ads at system levels. Most of the android apps are free because they contain ads. Now you can disable ads at system level but for that you need to have a root access to your device.

Stream Apple AirPlay devices

With root access, you can now stream apple AirPlay devices directly on your android device like Apple TV. The AirAudio app makes this feasible by capturing the audio coming from an application and sends it over the network. Normally, android doesn’t allow apps to listen audio signals from other apps.


This is not a detailed or complete list, but this will give you some of the reasons to root your android device. In more tutorials we will guide you to process of doing all this stuff with your android device and do more with your mobile or tablet. So keep following TechSultan.


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