Why Android is still better than iOS ?

Apple has released new OS called iOS 8. In new OS Apple has shown its hard work, it is obvious to say that Apple again did a hard job in their latest version. They debug all the crashes and bugs from their previous versions and make it more useful for the user experience. As Apple is claiming that the new iOS is the most updating environment for the user.

Compare it with the latest android versions, the customization, stability and smoothness is still better. But Apple users are claiming that Apple is best, so I have a list of features why android is better than iOS.


Why android is called the platform for developers because it has plenty amount of customization options and tools, you can install different launchers and settings via Google Playstore, compare it with the version of Apple they cannot enjoy new themes, they should have to stick with its default layout, officially it doesn’t come with any themes pack.

File system:

When you want to explore your files on your android phones whether it is in SD card or Internal storage, you have a better layout similar like a tree file management, Even If you plug it with your computer, it’s instantly excess with it and you will have an easy way to manage your files.

Notification Bar:

Notifications were first build by android OS, and still notification bar is better than others. You won’t need to open a separate app for your excess, just drag down the notification panel and click the notification and respond without opening it.

Sharing list:

In iOS you can share your pictures and videos just with some few applications like Message, Facebook, Mail, Twitter and Flicker. In android you can share your contact with endless sharing list. List include all installed app having sharing options.

Custom Keyboards:

Like I described above android is well known by its customization. In iOS you have to stick with its default keyboard layout, in android you can replace your android stock keyboard layout with the custom skin, available in Google Playstore.

Phone Lock screen:

This is also a part of customization that you can set different lock screen layouts on your android OS. Like Apple release new fingerprints scanner. Galaxy S5 also have this options also include face unlock. In android you can also set different applications for your instantly use. In Motorola Moto X you can open your camera app just by shaking your phone.

Google now vs Siri:

Apple improves much more stability in Siri, in the competition Android has Google now, In comparison both are efficient, but Google now has some more options like its automatically sync through Google chrome, suggest you some content automatically through your Google chrome. You can also excess Google now while your phone screen is locked (Motorola moto X).


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