Use your Android phone as a remote control – ZappIR Universal Remote

As this is the age of media, every one owns many media devices such like, Audio system, DVD, Blue ray Players, Xbox PS3 and more. So for manage these devices you have to take different remote to control. To minimize the use different remote controls many tech companies developed Universal Remote means now you control your all devices with a single device. The survey told us that the most handy gadget of nowadays Is only your mobile phone, you carry it everywhere you want. So think what would be better if you will have universal remote installed on your mobile device? Nokia launched many smartphone in the past which have an IR technology. The hardware enables you to send and receive any file via Inferred. To use IR more efficiently developers build different Remote control application for IR devices by which you can control your TV via your mobile device. But later on Bluetooth had been introduced for file transferring media.

Zappir Android

In this article I’ll introduce the most rated IR Universal Remote Control application of all the time for your Latest Android devices. Now don’t need to keep every remote control with you, just all you need to install this application on your smartphones.

Universal Remote App let you to control almost every kind of device. it supports almost thousands of devices . You can set multiple remote at a time .  Easy to install and easy to navigate. The application is available in over 40 languages.

Supported devices :

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 .
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4 .
  • HTC One M7 .
  • HTC One M8.
  • Medon Lifetab 7852

How to use :

Just download this application form Google Playstore and install it. Open it and go to menu and add your device form the list. After your device has been set you can remote your device easily. You can customize your buttons very easily.


o   On the application you can set different devices remote and can control multiple device at a time.

o   You can configure the button placement on your screen by just holding it.

o   You can also modify the color of a button based on your action.

o   One of the best feature is Macro control you can set multiple actions for multiple devices on one button, now control all your devices with one button instantly.

o   Another best feature is you can set the automatically mute or pause option so when you received any call on your mobile phone it will automatically mute or pause the media device you are watching or listening.

o   You don’t need to open the application all the time , The application have widgets for quick access you can set it on your mobile home screen , you can even switched on or switched off the application without having to open the application.

You can download the ZappIR via Google Playstore for 10 days free trial versions, If you find this Universal remote very helpful for you than you can buy it in very cheap price as compared to other Universal remotes

Click here to download ZappIR for free


Supported Media :

Anthem, Bose, Audio Authority, Linn, NAD, Onkyo, Nakamichi, Rotel, Sherbourn, Cambridge Audio, B&O, Classe, McIntosh, Mark Levinson ,Cyrus, Denon, Emotiva, Jeff Rowland, Lexicon, Theta and Yamaha

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