How to use your mobile as a security camera

Today almost everyone owns smartphones. People also save their damaged phone in their cupboards. Some throw out their phone with a partially damaged screen or any battery issue . Also if you are going to sell your damaged phone than they will offer you very low price . So your all old phones are useless for you . Can these phones be used as advantage , have you ever thought. Today I’ll show you how to use your old damaged phone in security camera purposes like a webcam.

Web Of Cam Android

There are thousands of applications let you to use your mobile phone as a webcam. After going through different applications I have found the best app Web Of Cam . The application is available across multi-platform like Apple, Android and on Symbian. You can watch the real-time video form your old phone to handy phone. You don’t need to pay extra for webcam installment . Set the camera everywhere and watch the live stream via your phone. As an advantage you do baby monitoring via Web Of Cam. Web of Cam offers tons of features which ordinary webcam doesn’t offer ,it simple works on the Wi-Fi networks , don’t want any wiring setup in your home.

How it works:

Install Web Of Cam on two phone , your camera phone can be any old phone which streamed the video content and your viewer phone can be your daily driver phone . Watch live video via your browser in viewer phone.

  •   All you need to have a same wireless LAN or you can use a hotspot network to connect phone.
  •    Pair these phones
  •    Open the browser of viewer phone and watch the live video


  •   The video quality is very good , but also depend on the other phone’s camera.
  •    You can also turn on the LED on other phone.
  •    You can switch the front and back camera .
  •    You have a proper control for zooming.
  •    You can change the exposure,
  •    If you are on the same network than it pair your phone automatically.
  •    You can set the video resolution.
  •    You can also set the password protection for your camera .


Download the Web Of Cam click here

First time you lunch the app it may ask for your Gmail account for security purpose , If you want 24/7 streaming than the trick is that you should connect the charger with your camera mobile .

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