How to use Google Maps without internet

Do you think that you cannot use Google Maps without a hi-speed internet connection? Sorry to say but you are totally wrong. If you are going to a new city and have doubts about internet connectivity there then, Google Maps is there to help you even without internet. There are some steps to be taken to make the App work without internet. Let’s explore these prerequisites one by one.

STEP 1 – Login to Google Accounts In your device.

offline gmaps - techsultan (1)

STEP 2 – After completely logging into your account download the Maps App by Google by searching as  ‘ Maps’ on play store or in your browser. If you already have this app pre-installed in your device then update your app to the latest release to have this feature.

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STEP 3 – After you’re done with the installation or updating of your app, launch the app and choose “Your Places” form the menu.

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STEP 4 – Select the area of your choice by zoom in or zoom out the map. After you’re done with the selection of area, Save it and name it as required or as the place name.

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STEP 5 – In this way you can save the completely download the entire map of a city in your pocket and access it offline whenever and wherever you need it.

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