How to use AirDrop on iOS 7

Apple has made “Sharing” a way lot easier now for iPhone User by integrating AirDrop on iOS 7. Airdrop the First File-Sharing Service that was introduced and implemented on Mac OS X is now also on iOS7.

iOS7 AirDrop Logo

AirDrop is a Wireless File-Transfer Technology that can help you Share Photos, Videos, Contacts, Web Pages, Notes, Etc… between two iPhones devices that are within the range.  It just uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to create an Ad Hoc connection between the iOS 7 devices allowing you to transfer faster and quicker.  You don’t even have to be on the same Wi-Fi network in-order to Transfer on AirDrop. Today we will see how to use AirDrop on iOS 7.

How To use AirDrop on iOS 7 for Sharing Photos:


STEP 1: Turn ON your Devices “Wi-Fi and Bluetooth” either from “Settings” or “Control Panel”.

(Both the Sharing devices must have their Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Enabled)

AirDrop Turn On WiFi and BT

STEP 2: Now Enable AirDrop by clicking on AirDrop Icon from Control Panel and Make it Discoverable according to your choice

(You could make AirDrop discoverable only with your “Contacts” or “Everyone”)

Enable AirDrop on iOS 7

STEP 3: Then select the photo that you wish to Transfer and press the “Share Button”.

STEP 4: choose the iOS 7 device to which you would like to share the photo.

AirDrop Share Photos iOS 7

STEP 5: Now a Window will appear on the other iOS Device, showing the Thumbnail of the image you are sharing with Two options – “Accept” & “Decline”.  (You are free to choose from anyone of two options).

AirDrop Confirm Photo Sharing iOS 7

STEP 6: That’s it; you have successfully shared Photos between iOS device using AirDrop.


The same way we could share other things over AirDrop. You may share your Maps Location, WebPages, Contacts, etc… also you need an iCloud Account in order to use it. It is also to be noticed that, AirDrop is not compatible with all iOS 7 devices. It only works on the Latest iPhone 5, 4th generation iPad Mini, iPod touch (5th generation). We’ll now time to try it out yourself and make best use of AirDrop on your iOS 7 Devices.

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