How To Update iOS 6 to iOS 7 using iTunes

Bored with the old iOS 6? Need a Fresh look on your Apple device?  Then your wait has come to an end. Apple’s Most awaiting New Operating System “iOS 7″ has been released with a brand New look and New Features on Apple Devices. Most of the Lucky users have already updated their device with the latest iOS 7, but unfortunately some were unlucky in downloading and updating their devices. As with the huge volume of updates and downloads, Apple servers went down causing several unsuccessful downloads.

Well, if you are among the other users who have waited patiently to download and update their devices on right time or the unlucky ones? Then you are on right place at right time. Now it’s the right time for you to downloaded and update your device from iOS 6 to iOS 7. Today we have come up with an excellent guide on How to Update iOS 6 to iOS 7 using iTunes. Just follow the simple steps below to update your iOS6 to iOS 7 using iTunes.

Steps To Update iOS 6 to iOS 7 using iTunes:

STEP 1: Download & Install the Latest Version of iTunes by clicking here.

(Go ahead with STEP 2, if you already have Latest iTunes Installed)

STEP 2: Open the iTunes you have recently installed.

iTunes Icon

STEP 3: Plug-in your Apple device to PC, which you wish to update from iOS 6 to iOS 7. (Wait for the Device to Complete Synch)

STEP 4: Now Click on the “Update” Button to update your iDevice from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

iTunes Update iOS 7

STEP 5: Wait for the iTunes to connect and contact the iPhone Software Update Server.

iTunes Update iPHone to iOS7

STEP 6: Now a pop-up screen will appear saying the new iOS version update is available for your device with three options “Download only”, “Download and Update” and “cancel”.

iTunes Download Update

STEP 7: Click on “Download only” or “Download and Update”. (Depends on your wish).

  • Download only – It only downloads the latest iOS 7 to your PC, it will not update your device after download completes. So you can update your device later on.
  •  Download and update – It will download and update your Device when download completes.

 STEP 8:  Once Download is complete, Remove your iDevice from PC and re-insert. You will be prompted to “update” your device. Click on “Update”

iTunes Launch iOS 7 Upgrade

STEP 9:   Now wait for your iDevice to prepare for software update and begin the updating process.

(Leave your PC and iDevice for some time. Do not turn OFF, Remove or Tamper with Phone or the USB while this process. it will take long time as the update happens)

iPhone Currently Upgrading to iOS 7

STEP 10: Once the Update process is Successful, you will get the following message and your Phone will be restarted.

iPhone upgrade to iOS 7 success

STEP 11: That’s it, you have successfully updated your iDevice from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

iPHone to iOS 7 completed

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