Top hidden tricks in OS X Yosemite

Apple just released their lastest operating system.  Many of its feature are already announced on their official webpage so we won’t cover that.  We decided to do a deep search and find top hidden tricks in OS X Yosemite.  Those little gems make you like OS X Yosemite a lot more.

Top hidden tricks in Yosemite

1. Currency converter in Spotlight.  You can now calculate any currency in Spotlight search, just type amount and currency name in it, Spotlight will automatically do the convertion :

Spolight Currency Converter

2. Dark interface mode.  Yosemite allow you to change from light scheme to a darker one.  Note that this apply only to top menu bar.  How to do it ? Follow this procedure : From System Preferences select ‘General‘ then tick ‘Use dark menu bar and Dock‘.

Yosemite Dark Scheme

3. Picture editor integrated in mail application.  You can now insert images in emails and add some markups to it like lines, arrows, text & more.  To do so, insert a picture in a new message, hover on that image and select ‘Markup’.  You will now have a new menu that offer you embedded picture edition tools.

Mail App Image Markup

You can then edit your image as you wish :

Mail app image edition

4.  Activating feedback volume.  One of the first thing I noticed is that feedback volume is now off by default.  If you liked that feature there’s a way to enable it : From System Preferences, select ‘Sound‘ then ‘Sound Effect‘ and tick ‘Play feedback when volume is changed’.

5. Enlarging windows instead of full screen.  Another thing I firstly notice is that the 3rd top left icon on all windows (green dot) always put everything in full screen.  I personally do not like this behaviour.  One way to go around this is to click on it while holding ‘Option‘ key on your keyboard (known as option-click), that way the window will maximize instead of going full screen.


Apple’s new operating system offer a lot more feature than announced.  Most of its features are announced at their official website while other are kept secret for you to discover.  Today we seen 5 hidden tricks but there are a lot more available, just play around with that nice OS and you’ll find yourself to love it!

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