Top Android best useful features

Android smartphones are the top predator for all other smartphones market. Android stock and third party utilities are best for daily drive uses. Although there are various utilities present in Google Playstore, but  Latest smartphones like LG G3 , Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC m8 and other various flagships came along with some stock utilities. So in this article we will discuss on some latest utilities, here are the some best daily useful applications or utilities :

LG knock on and knock code :


After their previous flagships in android, LG made a newconcept, and its also a best and most useful feature of all time. To unlock your device all you need to double tap on a display and it will wake your phone, you don’t need to press the unlock button, LG named it Knock Code. An alternative pattern is available that directs you to guest mode.


HTC motion gestures launch :


HTC also make an innovation in motion gesturing, the new motion launch come in HTC One m8. In this feature you can unlock your device by assigning a gesture and the action as a result is also assign by you. You can also receive a quick call by down gesture.


Oppo self-start motion:


One of the best feature of all time has made by Oppo in which users can made their own gesture and assign them a quick launcher. E.g. a quick cross symbol will start a quick messaging app, it is the most useful daily use because urgent access is needed several time.


Active notifications :

moto x

Moto X the most successful flagship of all time. The Moto X has a most useful feature of an Active notification, in which you can simply pick your phone up and instantly you can see all your notification on your screen without press any button, and you can also access these notifications by swiping your finger. Like Moto X Samsung Galax S4 do the same, it can also sense your touching and give you a quick status of phone battery level, a quick notification, miscall or any message.

Google Now :

google now

Android best feature of all time Google Now, by which you can simply get information around the globe all time. All you need is just say the hot word “Ok Google”and it will respond you and you have to interact with it with your voice and search an appropriate content for you like a Google search.


Google camera :

google camera lens blur

After many other Google officially made development Google developers finally approached to make a new Google camera. It will be a stock application in Google next products. The interface is very simple and quickly accessible. It most useful feature is Lens Blur feature. Like expensive DSLR camera you can simply focus your picture after captured it .

Although every manufacturing company has its own feature to make it product more stable and easier in use . To above mentioned feature are the most rare one , there is a huge list of the feature of android smartphones .



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