Top 10 Hidden iOS 7 Features

Top 10 Hidden iOS7 Features That You Probably Did Not know about

iOS7 has very successfully won the approval of millions of Apple users all across the globe. It has proved itself to be a gold mine which is not yet fully explored to its full potential, but as much as it has been; it is definitely doing wonders in the mobile world. Here are some of those special features which are not yet known to most of the Apple users out there:

1)     Changing the Font size or Enabling/ Disabling Bold Text

With the new iOS7, you can change the system-wide font size easily by going into Settings, then General and there you will find the option of Text Size. You can adjust it according to your will. Similarly you can also bold up your font size.iphone ios7 text size

2)     Blocking Specific Callers and Unwanted Messages

This feature is one of the most important ones being offered by iOS7. Now you can block any contact which is bugging you by simply going into the Contacts of your phone, selecting the contact you want to block and then scrolling down in contact details. Just simply tap ‘Block this Caller’ and you will never be bugged again. Going into the Settings of the phone, then selecting the Messages and then tapping on Blocked helps you manage your blocked messages.

iOS 7 Block Caller

3)     Showing Timestamps in Messages

Now you can view timestamps of all your received as well as sent messages. Just open up a conversation thread from the Messages application, and swipe your finger from right to left and you will be able to view timestamps.

4)     Viewing All Received Media in One Place

Now you can view all the pictures and videos received by a person in one place. Just open any one of the pictures, and then tap on the ‘List View.’ This will enable you to view all the received media in one place.

iOS 7 Received Medias

5)     Using the Swipe Gesture to Go Back One Screen

Gone are those times when you used to press the home button every time you wanted to go back one screen. With the new iOS7, you can simply go back one screen by swiping your finger from the left corner of the screen towards the right one.

iOS 7 Swipe Gesture Tips

6)     Unlimited Applications in a Folder

With the new iOS7, there is no limit of any sort on the number of Apps you can put in a folder.

7)     Updating Application Content in the Background

There is no need to refresh an application every time you run it. iOS7 keeps your applications up to date by automatically updating applications in background. Just go to Settings, then General and into the Background App Refresh page. From here you can enable all the applications that you want to be automatically updated for you by iOS7.

iOS 7 Updating in Background

8)     Using Panorama Photos as Lock Screen Wallpaper and Dynamic Photos for Home Screen

You can use a panorama photo as your lock screen wallpaper by enabling the Parallax mode. This can give a cool spinning effect to your phone. And now you can set animated wallpapers to your home screen by going into Settings, then Wallpapers & Brightness, then tap on Choose Wallpaper and select Dynamic to view a collection of animated wallpapers.

9)     Enabling/ Disabling Control Center

If you do not want to accidently open the control center during an application or when your phone is locked, you can simply disable it by going into the Settings, then Control Center and then choose Disable.  You can Enable it back from here as well.

iOS 7 Disabling Enabling Control Center

10)  Bubble Level in Compass

The Compass App is not just a direction telling companion, but a bubble level as well. Just swipe to the right and a bubble level will appear.


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