What are the third party tools of Power shell?

The usefulness of Power shell in writing or running scripts and editing the commands are known to most of the coders. Also power shell can be accessed very conveniently as it is already an enabled application.

But apart from the common ISE and command prompt tool, Power shell also offers a few third party tools, which greatly help in the operations of an application.

Power shell Plus

One of the easiest methods of signing your script is through using the Power shell plus tool. Usually when you install multiple certificates, selecting the ones that you actually need to sign or save becomes difficult. With power shell plus you can choose the certificates which have to be code signed and also select self-signed certificates directly from GUI if they are required for development and testing purposes.

Also the code signing pane opens up whenever you create a new script document, making it easier for you access the present scripts and also create new signed scripts.

Power shell Studio

Power shell studio is a powerful tool which helps a regular programmer amazingly.

With power shell snippets or scripts you can make use of your previously written codes, if you do not want to type the whole code again.

Power shell studio is also a great tool when you need to add a signature to a saved script which needs a certificate for execution. This add-on helps in running your scripts in an uninterrupted mode while keeping your scripts safe from other systems.

Power GUI


With multiple mind blowing features such as integrated debugger, local window, script input parameters, output window, code snippets, Intellisense-style power shell prompting and graphical editor; Power GUI intensively helps in managing your graphical administrative operations. The GUI also includes systems like Operations Manager 2007, Windows OS, Exchange 2007 and others which enhance the GUI consoles.


The task of everyday script writing, script editing, highlighting the script, tab completion and Intellisense is now an easy task for the IT administrators. PowerSE integrates your command console and editor in a seamless manner to reduce the burden of flipping the panes.

PowerSE also includes automatic debugging options like watch window and breakpoints, which saves time for the coders. The feature of built in visualization also helps in arranging results into customized data structures.

This product is free and its valuable features can be easily maneuvered by both amateur power shell users and power shell masters.

Power shell Analyzer


Producing quality scripts needs productive usage of writing, executing and interpreting the script results which are made available to you, through Power shell analyzer. This effective third party tool is developed in a highly interactive environment to allow you to work on a modern language.

The power shell analyzer also includes XMZ views, Data grids, Property Grids and charts to give you a graphical visualization of your outputs. It also has all the typical editing features and IDE functions to give the IT pros and system operators a real time experience.

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