How to survive your first night in MineCraft

This article will explain how you should survive your first night in Minecraft, before we begin, Let me say, this is a tutorial for new players… so if you have been playing for a while, this might be to basic for you…

When you spawn into your first minecraft world, you will see many things, with Minecraft generating a new world, means you get a fresh world that very few to none have seen… so you will need to look for a few things, Food, building blocks, Wood (which could also be used as building blocks), and a good place to build…

We will start at the Wood, finding any kind of tree will work, punch 1 tree with your fists, and build a crafting table with 4 planks (by placing 1 log into your crafting area for 4 planks)(when you hit E you will see your crafting area top right), then place it on the ground… right click it, and build sticks by placing 2 planks, 1 on top of the other, then place 2 sticks as a handle, and 3 planks in the shape of a axe, then you can continue to collect logs from trees… gathering about 10-20 logs, you can also build a pickaxe and sword, if you want to continue to upgrade your tools to stone, chop into a mountain, or dig down, and chop some stone for cobblestone.

Next I’ll talk about building blocks, you can use wood if you collected a lot of that, but otherwise just digging up some dirt will be fine to survive your first night. Getting food can be hard if you aren’t lucky enough to have animals spawn near you, but most of the time you should get a few pigs, sheep or cows to spawn near where you start, after you build a sword (or a axe does fine), chop the animal, you can eat it just like that or you can build a furnace with 8 cobblestone, and cook it by burning wood… this will regenerate more hunger, and is a much better use of your animals early on.

Last I’ll be talking about finding a good place to build, we have a few good places to look for, first for a easy base, you can dig into a mountain, this will mean you don’t need to find as many buildings materials, although it will tend to be darker, it is fine. I would suggest finding a higher ground, like a mountain or a hill, where mobs will have to climb up to you, to attack you, which takes much longer then climbing down, or attacking from flat ground, and they will also get fall damage if they are punched down the hill. (I would highly recommend going for the high ground) Also remember to get torches from coal, or charcoal, that way mobs can’t spawn in your house!

MineCraft Hide inside House

I hope you enjoy my article on how to survive your first night!

Justin (In game name: Antares330)

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