How to speed up your system using your storage device

Are you running slow with your system? Then this tutorial is for you. Now you can use the space of your storage devices such as pen drives to boost up your system speed. Windows ReadyBoost feature allows you to use the space of your storage device to speed up your computer. In this tutorial we will guide you through the process of using your storage device to speed up your system. To start with you need a USB Flash device with 2 GB or higher memory space.

  • Plug in your device into the system and delete all your data, you can use windows format option as well.
  • After that Right click on My Computer icon and choose properties, after that the properties dialog box will appear.

techsultan-speedup (3)

  • In the properties dialog box that appears, navigate to the “Advanced” tab and then select Settings under the “Performance”.

techsultan-speedup (5)

  • After that a performance options dialog box will appear, now click on “Advanced” tab in the dialog box that appears.
  • After that click on the “Change” button in the “Virtual Memory”

techsultan-speedup (7)

  • Now Virtual Memory dialog will appear, select your USB device.

techsultan-speedup (8)

  • Click on the custom size option button and enter the following values

Initial Size (MB)              : 1024

Maximum Size (MB)      : 1024

techsultan-speedup (9)

NOTE: The size depends on the available memory in your device so you can vary this limit according to the size of your USB Flash drive.

  • After entering the values, click on the Set button and then click on OK, after that you’ll be prompted to restart your system, click OK and then restart your system. After that the speed of your system will be improved.

techsultan-speedup (2)

NOTE: This is a temporary solution to speed up your system.  This doesn’t result in so much improvement, enhancing the RAM size is the best way to speed up your system.

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