Does your smart-phone need an Antivirus?

Cabir was the first known cell phone virus. It first surfaced in 2004. In its initial years it infected only a limited Bluetooth enabled phones. In spite of it having spread to a limited extent, Cabir wasn’t able to do much damage. However, the newest cell phone viruses of today are more complex. It is in this way they are able to do more damage to your mobile phones. The phone viruses which are prevalent today are now as destructive as the computer viruses.


How does it work?

A cell phone virus works the same way when compared with the computer virus. A computer virus like the worms is able to work its way via the computer or the email attachments and also the internet downloads. The same is true with a cell phone; transfers from Bluetooth as well as the downloading of applications from an untrusted website, regaining unknown and unsecure and email as well as MMS attachments may become one of the major gateways for the viruses.

One of the easiest ways a phone is able to get infected is when your cell phone is able to open and receive opens infected files. Some of the common ways on how a cell phone can get infected is via the transferring and exchanging of files. You can easily do these by connecting your phone to a PC. Since the Bluetooth application is being widely used. This is also one of the ways with the help of which the viruses can easily be transferred through phone to phone connections.

What are its consequences on your phone?

  • If you have a virus in your cell phone it will be able to access as well as delete all your contact information and calendar entries in your phone. It is also possible that it may send infected MMS messages to each and every contact in your phone book. Often, with a cell phone virus it can make unknowing calls to any person who will be present in your contact list. This way you will be able to get a huge bill into your account. There are also cases when your cell phone virus will lock up or delete certain cell phone applications or it can even collapse your phone completely.
  • Similar to the way you protect your computer from viruses ten an ideal way is to that you get protected from mobile phone viruses by installing antivirus software. By having antivirus software present in your smart phone, you will be able to stay protected from Cabir as well as from all other types of cell phone viruses.


With the help of these instructions you will be able to get rid of the viruses in your cell phone:

  • Always switch off your Bluetooth application.
  • Don’t open any unknown attachments or files.
  • Install security software in the form of an antivirus on your phone.
  • It is wise for you to check the updates to learn about the file names and always take note of them.

With these reasons it becomes easier for you to understand as to why you need to install an Antivirus phone in your cell phone.

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