How to share iTunes Library to your iDevice or MacBook

If you like music like I do, you must have a pretty big library of legal audio files.  I used to have a PC on Windows, so the only viable option was WinAmp, and it was working pretty well.  As technology evolve fast, I decided to move to the Macintosh world few years ago.  I had some thoughts about iTunes and I didn’t like it for too many reasons.  I didn’t realize it’s advantages since then.  I think the best advantage is its sharing ability, it is very easy with iTunes to share a library amongst all of your other devices including the following : AirPort Access Point, iPhone, iPod, MacBooks, iMacs, iPads and more.  Today I will show you how it’s easy to share my 1TB audio library to my iPhone using iTunes sharing feature.

What you need

– iTunes (I wrote this tutorial using version 11.1.3 on Mac OS X).  Note that this tutorial also work on Windows PC

How to do it

1. Open iTunes.

iTunes Icon

2. From top menu, select ‘preferences’.  You must have you mouse focus in iTunes Window.

iTunes Preferences item

3. From preferences menu, select the following tab : Sharing.  Tick the following item : ‘Share my library on my local network’.  I personally share everything since I don’t really case about my media usage within my own network, I want it all to be available to every device I own.  If you only want to share your audio library, you can select ‘Share selected playlists’ and then select only audio items.

iTunes Library Sharing

4. Click on ‘ok’ button to confirm everything.  Now you can try to see your library on your other device.  Here we will try on an iPhone, open Music app.

5. Next step is to tab on ‘More’ on the bottom and then select ‘Shared’.

iOS iTunes Sharing

6. You will see all shared library (there can be as many as you want, if you own multiple computers).  Tape on desired library to use, and you will notice that it will cache all items.  If you own a big library it can take a little time.

iTunes Select Shared Library


Apple systems are pretty expensive and different from Windows.  However, they offer pretty good working solutions thats doesn’t crash compared to Windows.  Like we have just seen, in just a few steps it is very easy to share a media library on your local network using iTunes.

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