How to Set-Up JAVA Development Environment in Windows

To setup the java environment in your PC, firstly you need to install Java 1.7 & 1.8 versions. To install java in your PC here are the following ways in different operating system.

Windows XP,7 & 8

  • Step 1

In windows platform you need to be firstly download the java from this link ( Once you download the java from this link.

  • Step 2

Then install that application into your operating system.

  • Step 3

In windows platform after the installation of java we need to set up the path of the java, to set the path here are the some steps to set it.

  • Open your my computer and go to your C Drive, open it
  • There is folder name of program files open it.
  • Then open java folder and after that open JDK folder.
  • Copy the address path from below title bar, it’s shows in figure.


  • Now copy the address and minimize it, then right click on my computer and open its Properties.
  • Now select the Advance settings open it you will that there is option of the Environment Variables.
  • After open Environment Variables now go to system variable and select on new and enter the following things.

Variable Name è JAVA_HOME

Variable Value è Paste that address of java which you previously copied from java folder.

Press ok and minimize it.

  • Again open Java folder,  jdk and open bin folder, same as again copy the address of bin.



  • Open the minimize Environment Variables folder and set these value as follows.

Variable Name è Path

Variable Value è Paste here the address path of java and click ok, for ex: (C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_21\bin).





  • For make sure java is running or not in your PC, open Command prompt.
  • Write java or javac and press enter. You will see multiple of files in java that shows java is running in your PC.





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