How to set different default network card on Windows 2012 server

First of all please note that this tip also apply to different Windows versions such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2008 or Windows Vista.

Back to our subject, what if you have a server with more than one network card on two different networks ?  How do you set which network card has priority ?  Answer is simple : by setting ‘metric’ values to each network cards.  By definition, a ‘metric’ is (from :

Interface metric provides a location for you to type a value for the interface metric for this network connection. A lower value for the interface metric indicates a higher priority for use of this interface.

How to set different default network card

1. From ‘Control Panel’ select ‘Network and Sharing center’, then ‘Change adapter settings’ on the left pane. You will then have a choice on all different network adapter, right-click and select ‘properties’ on the one you would like to have priority.

Windows 2012 Network Card Property

2.  Scroll down the list to ‘Internet Protocol Version 4′ and then click on ‘Properties’.

Windows 2012 IPv4 Properties

3. Select ‘Advanced’ button on the next screen.

Windows 2012 Network Advanced Settings

4. On the next screen, there are few things that need to be done :

4.1 : Under ‘default gateways’ click on ‘Edit’.  Then change ‘metric’ value to 1. Click ‘ok’.

4.2 : Uncheck ‘automatic metric’.

4.3 : Set ‘interface metric’ to 1.

Windows 2012 Metric Change Values

5. Repeat step 1 to 4 for lower priority network interfaces but instead of metric=1 set it to a higher value.


Lower metric value mean higher priority and higher metric value mean lower priority.  Also, if you would like to verify if metrics are active, you can check routes status with following command : route print

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