Samsung planning on expanding biometric sensors on its mobile devices

Samsung is planning to expand their biometric system used in smartphones. It will not just include high end devices but Samsung is also trying to bring them to low end devices. Biometric systems present in smartphones nowadays are fingerprint scanners which started after Apple equipped their iPhone 5s with it and later came HTC and Samsung as well on their 2014 flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5.

Samsung is also looking into new biometric system like the iris scanner that is being talked about the company even filed a patent about this new biometric system and we would hopefully see it in the future flagship devices from Samsung. Senior Vice President Rhee In-jong from Samsung said that “We’re looking at various types of biometric [mechanisms] and one of things that everybody is looking at is iris detection’’. He also said that they are one of the market leaders and will be following what’s trending in the market.

Samsung also introduce their Knox feature but that is mainly focused on their corporate clients. Rhee In-jong said that even though around 87 million devices are equipped with the Knox feature but only 1.8 million of these devices are actively using it. The company still lags far behind from Apple as the fingerprint scanner that Apple came up with on their iPhone 5s is more accurate than the one found on Galaxy S5, plus a user has to swipe their finger across the home button perfectly in a straight line or the phone won’t recognize it. Maybe the finger print scanner that the Galaxy S5 is equipped with was a last call from Samsung and they didn’t have time to do it right.

Hopefully Samsung will learn from their mistakes and come with a better biometric system for their smartphones. What do you think about the iris scanner is it something you would want on your smartphone?

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