Restore files with Reclaime

In my line of work, I work with files extensively, much more than the average person. I have lost files to everything you can think of in my time and I am always looking for decent recovery tools to recover my files when I wasnít organise enough to make backups. ReclaiMe is something I thought I should give ago, and I was far from disappointed. This program exceeded all of my expectations in a number of aspects. The interface is magnificent, something I can’t say for many of the other alternate recovery programs. In addition, it takes up a small amount of memory on any computer, again, something I cannot say for competitors. This is important, especially for me as I am often working with dated computers that need software to be as efficient as possible.

Reclaime Main Screen

I have used ReclaiMe more times than I would be able to count. Of all of the recovery programs I have tried in the past, this is the one I have settled with and decided to use long term. Simply because of its versatility, functionality and overall quality, this program is one of the best, if not the best recovery software programs you will find currently available.

Because of the fact that I have never had a task that ReclaiMe could not deal with, I recommend it to anyone who is looking to recover files or has fear that they might lose files in the future. You will not be disappointed with the pure quality of ReclaiMe.


Reclaime is pretty straightforward and offer you a clean and easy interface, here are some of its features.

While Reclaime scan your hard drive, you can preview content of files to see if that’s the one you want to recover.

Reclaime File Preview

Reclaime is automatically scanning hard drive(s)

Reclaime is Scanning Hard Drive

Restore a file by using ‘save’ button

Reclaime Save Button

Download ReclaiMe

You can download ReclaiMe on their official website.

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