Remote Desktop without configuration using

Almost everyone own a router nowadays, that means there are some sort of automatic protection which prevent hackers and viruses from basic intrusions.  Routers block by default all ports unless you specify them, that means if you want to let a friend or a computer technicien control your computer you need to unblock specific port for remote desktop protocol (RDP 3389) or any other port related to remote desktop software. Logo

Today we have a rapid and setup-free solution for you.  It is brought to you by the famous LogMeIn company and is called Join.Me.  Using that software / webware, you will be able to allow people using ON/OFF switch easily remote control your computer.  You will also be able to remotely other computers that gave you their authorisation.

What do you need

– Web browser

– Adobe Flash ( free available on )


Client : Client is the computer controlling the server computer.

Server : Server is the computer being controlled by the client.

How do to it

1. Open a browser (in our example we use Internet Explorer 9 on both side : client and server) and browse to the folling URL :

Join.Me Front Page Website

2. Click on ‘start meeting’.

3. A window will pop up and ask you for application to run on your computer.  This is Join.Me software. Click on ‘Run’.

IE Application Run Warning

Join.Me is Downloading

4. As soon as the download finish, Join.Me software will start by itself.  You will notice a menu with buttons on the top center of your screen. Note here that the numbers (302-787-387) on the top is your own unique way to remote your computer.  These numbers are randomly generated each time you run Join.Me.

Join.Me Main Menu and Screen running

5. On Client side, open a browser and browse to the folling URL :

6. Click on ‘join meeting’.

Join Meeting Button

7. Join.Me will now load session to the remote computer, you need to wait a few seconds here.

Join.Me is loading

8. You now have access to the server’s screen.  If you want to control it, you need to click on the button and request for it, just like below :

Join.Me Request Control

9. On the server’s side you will receive a notice.  Either accept or deny it.

Join.Me control Request client side

Control is now shared

Join.Me Client View

10.  When you have done everything.  You can close Join.Me with ‘X’ button on top right corner on client’s side.  From then, your computer will not be unreachable and secured.



Join.Me is the easiest way to Remotely Control a computer without any setup or port forwarding.  It is straightforward and everyone can do it using this tutorial.


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