Protect your Android Device from Hacking

Being the most widely used mobile operating system, Android is also the most favorite target of the hackers. A majority of malware are believed to be made for Android devices given its vulnerability. According to Mobile Threat Report of 2013 from F-Secure reveals that 97% of threats detected were for Android devices. That is why keeping your Android device protected from hackers is of utmost importance.

Here are some ways in which you can protect your Android device from hacking:

1. Lock screen using PIN or password

Using the PIN or password to unlock the device screen is the best way to protect your Android device as it makes it difficult to even open the device.  You must think up a unique PIN that only you know and avoid patterns.

2.  Encrypt your phone

Encrypting may slow down your phone but ensures the safety of your data.  Encryption programs with highest security levels are available for this purpose.  The encrypted data is hidden behind a firewall hiding it from the hackers.

3. Install Mobile Security Software


Some mobile devices have the facility to lock any entry once they have been left idle for some time. There are even free programs available some types of mobile devices. This is more beneficial if your device gets stolen as its lock out will prevent access to your private information.

4. Protect your Voicemail by password

Use a password to protect all your private voicemail messages in your mobile device.  If your phone has a default password already set for protecting your voicemail message, don’t use it as they are easy to guess. Change it to something uniquely yours.

5. Avoid using same password for all accounts

It is best to set different passwords for each of your phone accounts to protect your identity and privacy.

6. Lock your Apps


Locking your individual apps is necessary for protecting your private information.  If you are using your device to access your email, Facebook or twitter accounts it becomes more relevant and important.  Install ‘App Lock’ as it works as a secondary layer of security in your Android device. It is a free app using which you can lock every app in your device.

7. Download only from trusted sources

Install downloads only from a reputable seller or a trusted site. Your mobile security app checks your downloads and notify you of any suspicious malware. Carefully scrutinize the unsolicited notices or pop ups that warn you about such threats.

8. Choose your apps

It is important to pay special attention to the app requests when you install new applications. A wall paper app has no business to ask for your contacts or even network settings, you should not install it.

9. Secure your Network

Try to always use your own WIFI network for accessing the internet for banking. When using public WIFI network your data and passwords are at risk of being stolen.

Following the above tips can help you keep your Android device as well as your sensitive information safe and away from the prying eyes of the hackers.

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