Print and export to pdf with free tools

PDF is a standard on the web.  Either you have to write a quote or just make an official document you need to convert it from Word, Excel, Notepad or any other format to PDF.  Most of you only know paid software such as Adobe Standard or Pro., well today at TechSultan, we present you two (2) 100% free alternatives to that, which let you convert any document to a PDF file.

Note that the following tutorials include steps you need to follow, since their software is free, they monetize it by including optional (highly suggested by their installer) bundled ad-software.  So you need to make sure you uncheck those, we’ll teach you guys how.

What do I need


Download PDFCreator  (same version as in tutorial).

Download PDFCreator from their official website.


– Requirement, to make CutePDF work, you also need to download ‘Converter’.  Download it here.

Download CutePDF (same version as in tutorial)

Download CutePDF from their official website.


Print to PDF with PDFCreator tutorial

1. Execute installer file downloaded previously.

PDFCreator Setup

2. Click ‘Next’ until you arrive to the component installation screen.  Uncheck ‘PDFArchitect’ since it’s a paid part of their software and you won’t need it probably.

PDFCreator uncheck pdfarchitect


3. There is 2 ways to print & export documents to PDF format, either you do it manually by opening PDFCreator from start menu, or you do it by printing to PDFCreator virtual printer.

Star menu PDFCreator

4. In this tutorial we show you how to print to PDF document.  Create a word document or use an existing one, click to print document and select following printer in the list : ‘PDFCreator’.

Print to PDFCreator from Word document

5. As soon as you click to print document, a window will pop-up asking you for details.  You can select default here and click on ‘Save’.  PDFCreator will then ask you where do you want PDF file to be saved.

PDFCreator Export Option

6. You now have exported your word document into pdf file for free!  Here are our example results :

PDFCreator Export Result


Print to PDF with CutePDF tutorial

1. CutePDF has a file requirement compared to PDFCreator,  you need to install their export libraries as a stand alone software first : it’s called ‘Converter’ and you can download it from our link at the top of this page.  Install it.

CutePDF Converter Installer

2. On the next step, you can start CutePDF installation.  Make sure you don’t click ‘Next’ too fast here, you need to uncheck a few things, follow our next steps carefully.

CutePDF Installer

3. On the next screen make sure you uncheck both ‘Ask’ toolbar installation.

uncheck Ask toolbar

4. On the next screen it ask you to install another third party software called ‘HotSpot Shield’. It is special here, you need to click on ‘Decline’.

Decline HotSpot Shield Installation

5. Finally, you can complete the installation without worrying another third party or adware will install itself on your computer.

6. Open any document and click to print it.

7. Select the following printer : CutePDF Writer.

CutePDF Writer Printer

8. As soon as you click on print, there will be a windows opening and asking where do you want PDF file to be saved.

Save-as PDF file from CutePDF Writer

9. Here are result of an exported document to PDF from CutePDF Writer :

CutePDF Writer Result


Wether it is a paid software or free software, you can export file to PDF at the same quality and speed.  The only thing you need to be aware of, is that free software often come with bundled third party softwares..

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