How does Power shell ISE make tasks easier?

Proven to be the most powerful scripting tool from Microsoft, Power shell ISE is a development tool which you can access freely. This tool has been rated high and is considered very productive due to its multiple features.

Interactive command pane

  • IT professionals use many commands to make their applications work effectively. One of the features of Power shell ISE which makes this job easier, is the interactive command pane. This pane can be easily located or searched in the application and supports tasks such as:
  • Completion of tab
  • Selection of the required text
  • Highlighting the syntax
  • Copying and pasting the command
  • Editing of the command by selecting multiple lines instead of single ones
  • Referring to the previous commands in a glance using Clipx

The interactive command pane can be operated with Windows Hotkeys, which also adds to its benefits.

Easy to handle script pane

Writing scripts, running them and debugging them are now made more users friendly with the Power shell ISE.

The debugging script option helps you to verify the script variables and the state of the script, so that controlling the execution flow becomes easy. It also becomes necessary to remove unwanted errors and set a breakpoint to the script.

Commands like step over, step out and step into can also be used to resume your work in a dynamic manner without any clichés.

Output pane with a convenient scroll

Output pane acts like an intermediary between the command and script pane and shows the entire output generated from both the panes. The text selection in this pane is similar to that of a windows application. Located at the center of the ISE application, this pane makes scrolling over the texts a convenient option.

Context help

The feature of context help is very useful when you have to find or match cmdlet’s with your keyed text.

Once you start entering the text, the context help will pop up a small window which displays a few options of cmdlet names which matches the parameters of your context. So, when you are unsure about the right cmdlet, make use of this super cool feature.

Resizing the window

Going through all those commands in a tiny little window can get very annoying. So to enjoy the ease of a large window which can be resized or enlarged with just a click of a mouse, use Power shells ISE. With the right window size you can comfortably read and edit your commands without a break in the line.

Option for zoom

Sitting in front of your system for hours and not able to notice a syntax error due to the small fonts can cause a lot of eye strain for coders. So, by using the zoom feature in Power shell ISE, you can either increase or decrease the font size by using CTRL+ or CTRL- in the editor pane and give your eyes some relaxation.

Certainly these amazing features would have convinced you to make your scripting, command writing and editing options easier. So switch over to Power shell ISE today.

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