How to play GameCube or Wii games on your PC or Mac

Some people tell you that a game console is needed when you like to play games, that game consoles are more powerful than any computer.  In fact computers are equally capable of running any type of game depending on your configuration and hardware.  If you do not own a Nintendo GameCube or Nintendo Wii, well you can play games of it on your PC computer or Macintosh.  All you need to do is installing a piece of software which is safe and free called an emulator.  There are emulators for almost all type of gaming console except lastest’s ones such as PS4 or Xbox One.

Dolphin Emulator Logo

Today we will show you how to play GameCube or Wii games from your PC computer or Macintosh computer.  We will install Dolphin Emulator in order to load games (ROMs) from your computer.  Though we won’t tell you how to get games as this part is easy and remember, Google is your friend ;)

How to install Dolphin Emulator

1. Download Dolphin’s lastest emulator version (available for Mac, Windows and Linux) from their official website :

2. Extract Dolphin’s archive file (.7z) to a new directory.

3. Execute ‘Dolphin.exe’ to run the emulator.  Here’s a screenshot of Dolphin’s files and directory structure :

Dolphin Files

How to load games into Dolphin and play GameCube or Wii

1. Run Dolphin emulator as stated previously.

Dolphin Emulator Running

2.  To load a game you can click on ‘File’ menu item and then select from your DVD Drive (if you have original game on hand) or load a backup ISO file of the game.

Dolphin Load Game

3.  One more thing you need to do is configure controllers.  Click on ‘GCPad’ icon and then map keyboard keys to GameCube controller buttons.

Dolphin Controller Settings

4. Also, if you own original WiiMote you can easily map them into Dolphin to feel like playing on a Nintendo Wii from your computer.   From top menu bar select ‘Tools’ and then ‘Connect Wiimotes’.

Dolphin Wiimote


As you can see, you do not really need to buy a Nintendo GameCube nor Nintendo Wii if you own a computer and want to play games.  This is called console emulation.  Emulators are available for a wide range of different consoles such as SNES, NES or Genesis we will cover later here.

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