Oculus VR test helps soldiers see through armoured vehicles

If you think the only benefits that you can get from Oculus VR is through gaming then you are wrong. For some time now both gaming and virtual reality is being used by armies all over the world but Norwegian military has taken virtual reality to the next level. They are using Oculus Rift on a supported vehicle and with the help of that the pilot can move the tank safely during battle conditions.

Oculus VR

Norwegian military is testing the Oculus Rift with their tanks now and how it works is that they have equipped the tank with a couple of cameras that all combined gives the pilot a 185 degree view of each side of the tank through Oculus Rift. This indeed is very useful to the pilot sitting inside the tank as till now the only way to look was through the hatch and that could be dangerous and takes times while with Oculus Rift the driver no longer has to use the hatch and would be safe inside the tank.

The system is designed by MakingView and according to them in real life a pilot can’t see as well as players do, during playing the game Battlefield and with Oculus Rift and their system, pilots in real life would be able to see as good as a player does during the game.

For now the only issue with the Oculus Rift is its low resolution displays that can make a pilot dizzy which is not such a big problem and can be fixed. Other than that the specialized cameras that are fitted on the tank costs over $350,000 while the Oculus Rift costs $350.

It’s good to see military taking advantage of the technology and putting it to the right use by caring for the safety of their soldiers.

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