The new iPhone Cydia – a buzzing sensation of apps

Apple’s iPhone has always been one of the most fascinating phones since the time it has been launched. Why not? It is a great phone which understands its user’s specific needs and gives back to them multiple numbers of apps and features to make their life much simpler.Cydia-iconCydia-icon


Cydia the most recent iPhone app has been a great buzzing sensation in the present days. People who have jailbroken their iPhones are downloading this wonderful app to install hundreds of other apps on their iOS 7. Even jailbreaking has become easy with the paid services as well as free services which have currently been identified.

How can you customize your iPhone using Cydia?

Once you install Cydia and verify yourself as the user of the phone, which is a primary and safe option to choose, the app opens before you a wide number of other options to customize your phone.

Super cool apps to increase your business productivity

Cydia has definitely become a great boon for all business people who are looking at ways to increase their business productivity.

What do you search for often on your phone, files and folders? And how crazy do you get when you don’t actually find them fast.

Cydia’s iFile app organizes all your top searched folders systematically and presents them in front of you as soon as you ask for them. The app is also great is keeping a backup of your essential data on drop box, so that you don’t have to crib for your lost data.

For all you hard workers who get tired of peering through the iPhone screen and experience eye fatigue, F.lux app changes the screen color based on day’s time.

Also other business apps such as blacklisting specific caller’s messages and calls, automatic download or storage of emails, adding secure passwords to particular apps etc works like magic with Cydia.

Edit your photographs in minutes

Make you photos look amazing with new Cydia features, apt for photo editing.

You do not have to go your gallery to enhance your photo anymore. Photo edit app allows you to make all the necessary changes and apply filters as soon as you click them. People interested in professional photography and think about resolutions, composition etc will love the CameraTweak app.


What if someone is trying to get a peek into your iPhone when you’re not around? Not to worry anymore with the iCaughtU app which captures the intruder’s picture automatically.

Other photo apps like Panomode, Clearcam and CamTime are highly preferred too.

Other well built applications

Changing the entire appearance of your screen icons and rotating or making them more transparent is highly possible with the Bigfy+30 app.

Flex2 app allows you to clear your entire screen and display only the needed time or date status on the locked screen.

You can even use your own slogans of phrases to change the labels on your iPhone using change the label setting or select different themes and darken your keypad color using a Key Black app.

With all these wonderful and mind blowing apps, Cydia cannot be ignored for long. So, jailbreak through your iPhone immediately and make use of this amazing creation.

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