What Are The New Inventions In Wearable Technology?

Previously items such as the camera-equipped glasses as well as clothes which could double up as cell phones were meant only for Bond boys and girls. However, nowadays everyone is able to wear them. Wearable tech is an accepted technology these days. From solar-powered coats to LED-lit outerwear, wearable technology is the future. Read on to see our range of innovative examples of wearable tech that will knock you off.

Vega One LED Light-Up Jacket for Cyclists:

This is one device which has been specifically designed for nocturnal cyclists. The device is a sort of an LED-embedded jacket which will be able to alert the motorists of your presence. It is also comprised of a hidden battery-operated switch which will be able to trigger flashing modes when night approaches.

Google glasses:


You may hate them but Google did it first. The very basic model of this device is able to synchronize with text messages, email, Face book, Twitter, taking photos, recording movies as well as in providing location info and directions. In its advanced form you will be able to get applications which will consist of medical diagnostics and a reinforced reality gaming. All sorts of surgeries have been streamed from Google Glass to medical students for the purpose of education.

CES made smart ear buds:

This is a keynote presentation at CES and is a smart ear bud which allows the user to listen the music. Asides from this, the device is also able to measure the heart rate and pulse rate. With a headset which is always on, the users are able to interact with their phone verbally.

Play button Style MP3 Player:


The device is much more characteristic when compared with the iPod Shuffle. It is a tiny MP3-player and comes with a button with a complete album which has been preloaded as well as a lithium battery which can be recharged. It also has the options to pause, skip and adjust the volume. You can pin it on yourself and stick in the ear buds. You are now ready to hit the play button.

Odor Absorbing Tags by Odegon Technologies:

It is a wearable nanotechnology-enhanced fabric tag which could help us in ditching chemically deodorants. With its help we would be able to prevent the innocent bystanders from gasping for air. It is only 3×2 inches and is an underarm patch which comprises of a three-dimensional mesh of activated carbon. This is what is able to capture the stink-causing molecules.

Printed 3D Wearable Planters:


If you are a plant lover then you can rejoice as with the help of this amazing wearable device, you will be able to take some greenery with you wherever you go. It is a wearable device which you can easily attach to your bike or you can even wear them as pins, necklaces and even earrings.


It is a subtle and stylish ring which makes use of uses the intricacy of gesture control. It is one device which will be able to turn our everyday interactions into a smooth and easy experience and that too from the palm of your hand.

So, are foxed by these cool wearable devices? Then why don’t you get one for yourself NOW!

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