Moto 360 looks promising in its first demo at the Google I/O event

The Moto 360 is one of the most anticipated smart watch this year because of its new round shaped designed that haven’t been seen on any other smart watch. Motorola finally demoed their Moto 360 smart watch at Google I/O recently and judging from the looks of it the smart watch looks quite stylish and high quality though Motorola is going to launch it later this summer.

Moto 360

The smart watch has a round shaped designed with a leather strap attached to it and comes in two colors including black and white. Moto 360 also has different watch face designs created by Motorola which looks really good. Even though the watch has a round screen still all the elements of the operating system takes up the whole screen and according to Motorola there is no wasted space on the Moto 360.

Samsung and LG also came up with their own version of Android smart watch as well running the same Android wear operating system but both of them offer the same square design that is found on most of the smart watches out there but Moto 360 was the most impressive compared to both of them merely because of the round face design that looks quiet big compared to the other two and is made up of stainless steel which also makes it look high end compared to the smart watches showed by LG and Samsung.

We might see the Moto 360 available in the markets in august during the demo of Moto 360 users did notice the watch running a little warm though aside from that the watch looks ready. There are also rumors about Motorola that the company will launch their Moto 360 smart watch along with their latest flash ship smartphone known as Moto X + 1.

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