Microsoft Security Essentials – Guide and Downloads

As malware and viruses flow and rise on a daily basis we decided today to focus on Microsoft’s solution to fight against this threat.  Most of you fellow readers don’t know about it but Microsoft offer its solution totally for free to download for anyone who own a PC.  This free solution is called : Microsoft Security Essentials.  Also, you have to know that an anti-malware is not an anti-virus, it will not catch everything, it is something you must have along with a good anti-virus.

As a side-note here, we will use MSE abbreviation for Microsoft Security Essentials.


What you need

– Microsoft Security Essentials ( From Microsoft’s Official Website, Direct Download)

– Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1


How to install  Microsoft Security Essentials

1. Install it using their setup file, double click on it ( mseinstall.exe ).

2. Setup screen will launch as follow screenshot :

MSE Installation Wizard

3. One of default option is to subscribe to Microsoft’s improvement program, personnaly I don’t trust these kind of things so I unselect it..

MSE Improvement

4. On the next screen you can select and start MSE installation.

MSE Ready to Install

MSE is Installing

5. When installation is finished, Microsoft Security Essentials will automatically launch (if not you can reach it from Start Menu).  You will notice that MSE will also automatically update its database to the lastest version, let it finish (can take a few minutes).

MSE is updating


How to use Microsoft Security Essentials

1. For a quick scan all you need to do is to select ‘Quick’ from scan options on the right pane and then click on ‘Scan now’ button.

MSE quick scan


MSE Quick Scan in progress

2. If you’d rather scan a specific drive or an external hard drive, you must select ‘Custom’ and then click on ‘Scan now’.  MSE will then prompt you to select which drive you’d like to scan.

MSE Custom Scan

3. MSE has a lot of settings options you can select.  Here is a preview of what you could set.  By default, it will automatically scan on every sunday at 2AM.

MSE Settings Screen


Wether you like Microsoft products or not, I must say that a malware protector is a must have on any computer.  There are new malware everyday on the internet and even if you are cautious you can always get infected by 0-day vulnerability which target any web browser nowadays..

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