How to make a portable apps USB stick

First of all, what is a portable application.  It’s simple.  Normal application usually install files in default folders such as Program Files, add key in windows registry and create automatically shortcuts.  A portable application is a bit different.  In my own words, it’s an application you don’t need to install before running it, you can double click on executable file and run it.  What’s the purpose of having an USB device filled with those portable apps ?  It’s useful if you end up on another computer and want to run applications you use often.

Today, we will show you how to make a portable apps USB stick.

What you need

– PortableApps

How to do it

1. Double click on setup file to install Portable Apps on your USB stick.

Portable Apps Setup Icon

2. Run setup.

Portable Apps Installer

3. Plug in an empty USB thumb drive (make sure you don’t have important files on it).

4. Select USB thumb drive’s letter as Portable Apps install location (in our example we select a local folder).

Portable Apps Install Location

5. As soon as Portable Apps is installed it will launch its main interface as you can see below :

Portable Apps Running

6. As a system admin or anyone who like to fix computers, I select the following basic apps to download :

– Notepad2
– Gimp
– Mozilla Firefox
– Putty
– Skype
– WinSCP
– Process Explorer
– WinDirStat

7. Click ‘next’ and Portable Apps will download portable version of selected applications.  It will also include them in Portable Apps interface.

Portable Apps Downloading

8. For some applications you need to accept software license, make sure you accept it.

Portable Apps License Agreement


9. When everything is downloaded and installed, you should see portable apps in main screen such as below.  That means you have them on your USB thumb drive to run anywhere.

Portable Apps Installed

10. If you still want to include more applications you must click on ‘Apps’ icon and select ‘Get more apps’.

Get more Portable Apps


If you play around with many different computers, the need of a Portable Apps USB thumb drive is relevant.  As you can see, creating such drive using Portable Apps is easy and takes only a few minutes of your time.

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