Mac OS X game console emulator : OpenEmu

You can play older console games by either purchasing a genuine console as Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis or you can play them using emulation and ROMs.  I remember when I was a kid, playing games using Nesticle NES emulator or zSNES Super Nintendo emulator, it was giving us ability to play infinite games.  Today I present you with a Mac OS X alternative emulator : OpenEmu.  In fact, OpenEmu is more like a framework on top of all console emulators, it simply make it easier for anyone who want to play any console game on their iMac or MacBook pros.

At the moment, OpenEmu is supporting all of the following console emulators :

– Game Boy

– Game Boy Advance

– Game Gear

– NeoGeo Pocket

– Nintendo (NES)

– Nintendo DS

– Sega 32X

– Sega Genesis

– Sega Master System

– Super Nintendo (SNES)

– TurboGrafx-16

– Virtual Boy

Download OpenEmu

Official Website

– Our main mirror.  This is same file as used in this tutorial.

How to install OpenEmu on your Mac ?

1. Download OpenEmu console emulator for OS X.

2. When downloaded, you might get an error when opening it : ‘’ can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

OpenEmu unidentified dev

3. Solution is simple.  Right-click on file and then select ‘open’ item.

Right-Click Open OpenEmu

4. You shall see now same error message, but you will notice ‘open’ button is now available.  Click on it.

OpenEmu Open Button

5. You will then arrive in OpenEmu’s main screen.  First time you open it you will enter in small setup mode, click ‘next’.

OpenEmu Welcome Screen

6. Next step, OpenEmu will ask to install its core.  OpenEmu’s core is in fact base emulators for all consoles, this doesn’t take much space so I suggest you to install them all.

OpenEmu Core Installation

7. You can download a beginner ROM (games) package from official website.  Click on small arrow next to ‘download now’ button and select ‘Game (ROM) starter pack’.

OpenEmu Download ROM Pack

8. Once downloaded, unzip the package and select the following menu item from OpenEmu : ‘File’ and ‘Add to library’.

OpenEmu File Add To Library

9. Next step, browse to the extracted ROM directory and select them all and click on ‘Open’.  OpenEmu will automatically add ROMs to their respective console from main screen.

OpenEmu Add Basic ROM Package

10. You can browse ROMs using either console menus or just by recently added.

Recently Added Roms from OpenEmu

11. To play a ROM you can either double click it or right-click and select ‘Play Game’ menu item. There are also other useful options such as the following :

– Play Save Games

– Rating

– Show in Finder

– Download Cover Art & more …

OpenEmu Right-click ROM Menu

12. Here is an example of running a ROM in OpenEmu : Blade Buster emulated on Mac OS X.

OpenEmu Blade Buster

13. There is also a menu available for each game that allow you to save your ROMs’ state or other various features.

OpenEmu in-game menu features

Change ROM location in OpenEmu

You can also change ROM files location in OpenEmu. From top menu, click on ‘OpenEmu and then select ‘preferences’.  Change ‘Game Library Folder Location’ to the new folder.

OpenEmu Change ROM Location


You can now enjoy playing console games (ROMs) on your Mac OS X with a beautiful interface that regroup all consoles within one program.  OpenEmu is a great piece of freeware.


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