LG teases people with its LG G smartwatch announcement

LG has teased us with their upcoming smartwatch known as LG G Watch ahead of its release date. The smartwatch will be powered by Android Wear which is the OS Google came up with for smartwatches and the teaser shows us the watch and a few of its glamorous features.

LG G SmartWatch

The company still hasn’t announced a launch date for the G Watch nor has it given away the specs to be found on the G Watch but the teaser tells us that the G Watch will come in two colors black and gold and will have a metal body with plastic strip. Display on the G Watch will always stay on so you won’t need to tap on the screen in order to wake up the watch.

Till now every smartwatch company had to design their own OS as well but after Google came up with Android Wear OS back in March things have changed now as smartwatch now will offer the same vanilla Android experience that you will found on Nexus devices. Motorola and LG were the first two companies who would come up with Android Wear powered smartwatch this year. When it comes to Moto 360 by Motorola the design of the smartwatch has impressed everyone but same cannot be said about the G Watch from LG as it does not look a least bit attractive to us because of its rectangulardesign.

G Watch is also waterproof and has a rectangular design. These new smartwatches with Android Wear will surely give a challenge to Galaxy Gear 2 from Samsung because of their compatibility advantages as Galaxy Gear 2 is only compatible with Galaxy smartphones whereas Android Wear powered smartwatches is compatible with every Android smartphone out there. The company did say that the G Watch will be available to consumers Q2 of 2014 so we should expect them to launch it before June.

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