Latest and Best jQuery Plugins Every Web Developer Must Know

In Html document jQuery is quick, reliable and brief explain the JavaScript Library, it also helpful in traversing, web development, event handling and animating in the documents. Here are some Latest jQuery plugins which will be useful in your development work, let’s have a look on them.

  • CLNDR.js

This plugin is use for to design the calendar and can be modified their events, by the use of Underscore.js plugin Html template we will fill the data. This plugin have multiple features to use like to determining week offset, event organizing and displayed date and year.


  •  AnimateScroll

AnimateScroll is very easy and attractive plugin which is use mainly for adding scrolling bar, we can adjust the scrolling size, style and speed. In this plugin we have padding option to manipulate the position of scrolling ends.



  • JlnvertScroll

This jQuery plugin have default scrolling function but mainly attracted at horizontal scroll. This plugin is easy to install because it have less memory around or less than 1kb without setup and you can add it simply by specify the class to wrapper element and call the JS. It also have the parallax effect during the scroll.



  •  FlowType.JS

This jQuery plugin is used for the adjust the font size, auto size, fix their length height according the elements. So we can design our content as we want.



  • Failsafe.js

Failsafe.js jQuery Plugin is very important and helpful network application in threat situation, when your laptop battery getting low and you have internet connection problems or lost your connectivity, then it will show as alert message to user that you may require internet connection properly and properly charged your laptop or PC.




  • JQuery Full Screen Editor Plugin

JQuery screen editor plugin is modified the text fields into proper editor and it used in one format. We can also adjust the width, height and screen adjustment of editor, during the switching mode the transaction effect will be fade.




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