What kind of users can avail the benefit of Cydia app?

Once you have jailbroken your iOS phone you can easily install Cydia app to enter its world of multiple benefits. Cydia is like a bonus app which does not curtail you only to a limited number of benefits. It has something new and unique for each user, who wants to explore the world of Cydia.

Top app among gamers

If you are a gamer looking for some exciting games which you could not get access to before, Cydia app has it all. These games are far better off than the ones you would have previously played and will be available once you have installed emulators such as gameboy4iphone, snes4iphone, Nintendo Entertainment system, genesis4iphone etc.

These emulators are the keys to multiple games such as Modern Combat 3 IDA, Game boy Gallery 3, and Dungeon Hunter 3 etc. So, with Cydia you can convert you iPhone into a gaming machine and enjoy the uninterrupted games.

For video watchers


Watching a recent and popular video which you have just downloaded can be awesome if you have an iPhone. Why not make it better with Cydia?

With a huge range of apps like Barrel, that allows users to experience 3D video watching on their iPhone, without wearing glasses to the ultimate media center app which lets you play most of the videos on the iOS platform also letting you customize the look of the video and helping you gather information about the music, movie or TV show all on your phone, Cydia can be a great source of entertainment for video watchers.

Users looking for customization

If you’re wondering how to make your iPhone look perfectly yours, here’s a solution.

Apps on Cydia like Winterboard work amazingly well to give your iPhone a whole new look in terms of customization. You can entirely change your phone’s appearance by selecting a theme, icon style, title bar design and lock screen combination using this wonderful app.

For those who love combining one or two themes together, Cydia springboard can be an effective app. So once you’ve installed these apps you can easily figure out their functionality in minutes.

Creative photographers


Photographers skills are recognized not only by how they click pictures but also by ways in which their enhance them. This is where Cydia helps.

With apps like Photo edit and CameraTweak, you can capture your lovely photos and make changes to them automatically by adding filters, changing the resolution, composition and styling etc without having to go back to the gallery section.

People who are worried about security

Protecting the vital information’s stored in your iPhone can be very hard without the right apps. Whether it be messages, applications or screen lock, securing your iPhone with the right password code or a verification system becomes highly necessary.

So, apps like iCaughtU captures automatic photographs of intruders who are trying to peek through your iPhone when you’re not around and apps like Blacklisting and BiteSMS help you either blacklist the calls and messages from unwanted contacts or lets you compose and reply to your messages in a quick manner after which your messages get locked.

Thus, there are multiple ways of upgrading your iPhone with these newest apps. So understand the type of user that you are and start exploring on Cydia.

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