What iPhone 6 can have?

The month of March is going to end very soon. This is the time from where the industry pays a close attention towards the next iPhone model. Currently there is no official name for the next iPhone model but most probably it will be iPhone 6. It will going to be among the most pivotal gadgets of the market like previous models and we are going to see many changes this time. Many industry experts are talking about some vital points of the next iPhone model. Here we are discussing those points.

iPhone 6 Concept MockupiPhone 6 Concept Mockup

Display is the first thing which comes to our mind whenever we think about a gadget. Isn’t it? Well, most of the experts are claiming that iPhone 6 can have the same 4 inch display like the current model. However some are saying that Apple may bring a 4.7 inch display this time as they are not that much satisfied with the current screen. There is still no clear picture about this point which may become clear after a month or two. It is a fact that people are giving preference to big display models these days. Therefore it will be interesting to see how Apple would react to it this time. Some are also claiming that the new model can have two different screen sizes but still it is not clear. It can be up to 5.7 inches.

It can be a bezel-free design this time. Apple is the owner of smart touch screen technology. It can provide the information which finger is accessing the functions and which is scrolling at present. The company is already using this technology and they may bring it in iPhone 6 this time. The quantum dot-enhanced display can be the part of this model. Therefore colors in the model will look more natural than before. People close to the industry are saying that Apple is secretly working on two different versions of curved displays. They have ordered the required material for it to another company. So a curved device with enhanced display qualities is also on the cards. There may not be a home button this time as there can be a new form factor. You can also find a new LED backlight technology this time as Apple is eager to further reduce the thickness to give a new experience to the users. It will be much easier for the users to carry it anywhere without any trouble. So far there are no official words about it. However with every passing day, some new related points will come out. There are some other Android makers who are planning to bring some new models. Therefore most probably Apple may not wait for long to bring the new model this time. They already know that it will not help them to enhance their customer base. Some big screen models are going to arrive into the market. So the competition for Apple is going to be tougher this time.

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