Internet Explorer 11 installation and tutorial

Wether you like it or not, Internet Explorer is one of most used web browser around Internet worldwide.  Since its beginning, IE has been critically bashed by everyone for its lack of security, performance and ergonomy.  Microsoft has just released it’s lastest browser version (Internet Explorer 11) few days ago and it looks like promising.  So far so good, browser is faster dans seem to support all lastest html5 standards.

Today we will show you a little bit of it (also with a little tip on how to change default search engine) and how to install IE 11.


Download IE 11

1. You can download Internet Explorer 11 from the following Microsoft link :


Install IE 11

Installing Internet Explorer 11 is as simple as running setup file and rebooting your computer :

1. Double click on setup executable file.

IE11 Setup Icon

2. Click on ‘install’ on the following screen to start Internet Explorer 11 installation.

IE11 Setup Screen


IE11 is installing


3. Your computer will now reboot and finish IE 11 installation.

Ie 11 Reboot Install Setup

4. All Internet Explorer icons should now be replaced will version 11, double click on it to open Internet Explorer 11.

Internet Explorer 11 Main Screen

5. If you like the old menu bar on top of the screen, you can show it.  Right-click on top pane (empty blue area) and select following items : ‘Menu bar’ and ‘Show tabs on separate row’.

IE11 Show Menu Bar

6. Internet Explorer 11 now look like old versions with menu bar and tabs on a separate row.

IE11 Tabs on a separate row


Make google your default search engine

If you do not like Bing like me, you can make Google default search engine in Internet Explorer 11 by following next steps.

1. From internet options, select ‘Programs’ tab and click on ‘Manage add-ons’.

IE11 Options Programs Tab

2. Click on ‘Search Provider’ and then on the bottom of the new opened screen, click on ‘Find more search providers’.

Search Providers IE 11

3. Internet Explorer will now open a new browser screen, on that screen select Google.

Search Provider Google

4. Confirm that you want to install it and make sure you have checked the following option : Use search suggestions from this provider.

Google Search add in IE 11

5. Go back on Search Provider screen and set Google as default one.

Google Default Search Provider IE 11

6. You will now notice Google Suggestion in your search bar from Internet Explorer 11.

Google Suggestion IE 11


Internet Explorer 11 look like older versions of Microsoft browser.  I find it more stable a little bit faster.  Also the fact that it support all HTML standards makes it more attractive.  Anyway, in my humble opinion you should always surf the web using different browsers depending on what website you are on.

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