Installing emulators on iOS without jailbreak – Emu4iOS method

A while back, we posted a way to install Gameboy emulator on your iOS device without jailbreaking it.  This method is not working 100% anymore, that’s why we will guide you how to fix this using Emu4iOS without jailbreak method.  The following method allow you to install following emulator on your iPhone, iPad, iPod without jailbreaking it.  The only downfall to this, is that you can only have one emulator installed at a time (you must delete it when you want another emulator).

Here are numerous possibility :

  • Gameboy Advance Emulator for iOS
  • Gameboy Color / Original Emulator for iOS
  • DOS Emulator for iOS
  • Sega Genesis Emulator for iOS
  • NES Emulator for iOS
  • SNES Emulator for iOS
  • and much more…

 Update *september 5th 2013* (direct download links for emulators)

GBA4iOS (plist and IPA file)

GearBoy (plist and IPA file)

iDos (plist and IPA file)

Nescaline (plist and IPA file)

RecordScreen (plist and IPA file)

SNES4iOS (plist and IPA file)


What you need

– iOS Device non jailbroken (iPad, iPod, iPhone)

– internet connectivity


How to do it

1. First step, is changing year date of our device (this allow us to install emulator on iOS without jailbreak). Go in your device’s settings and tap on ‘General’.

iOS Settings

2. On the next screen, tap on ‘Date & Time’.

iOS General Settings

3. On the next screen, tap on ‘Set automatically’.  It need to be turned off, so you can tap on ‘Set Date & Time’ next.

4. Set date year to ‘2012’.  Do not change month or day here.

iOS Change Year

5. Open Safari browser and click on this link : Emu4iOS


Emu4iOS Webpage Download

6. Select emulator from drop down box.  In this tutorial we selected SNES emulator.  Tap to install and accept agreement from it. ( we know that following screenshot feature ‘Gearboy’ but it’s the same thing for any emulator, we just did it for multiple and forgot to update our screenshots).

Emulator install agreement

7. When emulator is fully downloaded and installed, you can change your date back to 2013.  If you forgot to do so, your device will not work normally.  This is an important step!

iOs change date back to 2013

8. The following screenshot show you a SNES emulator on a NON-jailbroken iPhone.

SNES Emulator from Emu4iOS

9. You can open it.  In ‘SNES4iOS’ you can download ROMs (games) by tapping on the little magnifier on top of the screen.  We downloaded Zelda and tried it for this tutorial.  The following screen show you all installed ROMs :


10. Simply tap on game to open it.

Legend of Zelda on iPhone

Legend of Zelda on iPhone part 2



Some people are skeptical about installing third party stuff on their non-jailbroken iOS device.  Trust me, it work like a charm, it doesn’t void your warranty and allow you to play thousands of games.

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