How to install linux CentOS 6.4

One of most popular Linux distribution around is CentOS.  It is also one of the most stable and trusted to host major services such has Web Server HTTPd or FTPd.  CentOS is easy to install and offer all possibility to any system administrator of end-user.  Also, CentOS is completely free of charge.  Today we will show you, step-by-step, how to install linux CentOS 6.4 on your computer.  Stay tuned on TechSultan, we will focus on CentOS in the following next weeks and show you various tutorials about it.

What you need ?

– Linux CentOS version 6.4 – 64-bit (download ISO from here)


– Linux CentOS version 6.4 – 32-bit (download ISO from here)

How to install CentOS 6.4

1. Burn a copy of CentOS 6.4 on a blank DVD and boot your computer with it.

2. From CentOS boot screen select the first option to install operating system on your computer.

CentOS Boot Screen Install

3.  When CentOS setup ask which storage, select ‘Basic Storage Devices’ if you want to install it on basic hard drive.  If you want to install it on some specific media such as Memory Card or iSCSI network datastore, select ‘Specialized Storage Devices’.  We will focus on basic here.

CentOS Storage Type Install

4.  If you hard drive already has some partition or data, setup will ask you to confirm installation.  Note that it will completely remove all data from your hard drive and repartition for Linux.  Make sure you have an empty drive and you don’t mind deleting all data on it.  I always unplug my main hard drive when I play with partitions, just in case.

CentOS Repartition Warning

5. Next step is naming your system.  Choose a name for it.  In our example we choose ‘Centos’.

CentOS Computer Name

6.  If you know how to play with partitions and would like to install it along with another operating system, it’s time to do it.  Otherwise,  select ‘Use all space’ and setup will wipe hard drive and do everything for you.

CentOS Partition Setup

7. Setup will confirm again with you if it’s okay to wipe everything, always make sure you don’t have anything important on your currently plugged hard drive.

CentOS Confirm Partition Write Changes

8.  Next step, setup will ask you for what kind of CentOS installation you would like.  Personally, I always select ‘Desktop’ as it provide all the basic stuff to do everything including X desktop manager.  Click on ‘Desktop’ and select ‘Customize now’ on the bottom of the page.

CentOS Desktop Installation Type

9. On next screen, click on ‘Development’ and select all packages.  Doing so will allow you to easily compile and install custom packages (if you need to at a later time).

CentOS Dev Packages Select

10. CentOS will now start installation procedure and copy all of its file on your hard drive, sit back and relax while it complete.

CentOS installing in progress

11. CentOS installation is completed.  Click on ‘reboot’ and your computer will boot on fresh CentOS 6.4 installation.

CentOS 6.4 completed installation

12. CentOS 6.4 login screen just look as follow.

CentOS 6.4 Login Screen


CentOS is one of the most recommended Linux distribution for a server.  It is easy to install and fast to setup.  More and more people trust CentOs for its stability and security, try it you won’t regret it!

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