How to install GBA4iOS with iEmulators

Gameboy Advance emulation without jailbreaking your iDevice has been a very popular subject lately.  There was a website called Emu4iOS on Weebly that allowed you to download GBA4iOS on your iDevice, but this website is now down as speak.  Today, we will provide you with an alternative to Emu4iOS : iEmulators.  This service is exactly the same as Emu4iOS but hosted by GBA4iOSkins guys.

GBA4iOS Download File

Download GBA4iOS


How to install GBA4iOS guide (step by step)

Follow the next steps to install GBA4iOS on your iDevice without jailbreaking it.  This guide is using iEmulators way to do it, same thing as Emu4iOS.  First step we need to do is change date to a 2012 year, this will allow you to install GBA4iOS package.  If you are not doing this step, you won’t be able to install it.

1. Select ‘settings’ from your main screen.

2. Tap on ‘general’ settings menu.

iOS 7 Settings Menu3. From general settings, select ‘date & time’.

iOS 7 General Settings

4. Deactivate automatic date & time and set current date to any date within 2012 year.

5. Open Safari web browser and browse the following webpage :

iEmulators Official Webpage

6. Scroll down and select GBA4iOS from the drop down menu.  You can also select other items if you like.

GBA4iOS Drop Down Select

7. Website will then ask you to install package.  Tap on ‘install’, this will download app and put it on your main screen.

iOS 7 Gba4iOS Install Warning

8. You will now notice GBA4iOS on your screen.  Just tap on it to open Gameboy Advance Emulator.

GBA4iOS Icon Available


9. GBA4iOS boot straight into ROM repository.  You will notice that there are no game included.  You need to download them one by one manually.

GBA4iOS No Roms

10. To download ROMs (games), open Safari and browse to the following website :

11. When you download a ROM, you will see next screen.  Tap on ‘Open in’, on top left corner and then select GBA4iOS.

CoolRom Download GBA4iOSROM open in GBA4iOS

12. Go back in GBA4iOS, you will notice that ROM has been added to your list.

GBA4iOS ROM including game




Some of you thought it was not possible anymore to play Gameboy Advance using GBA4iOS on your non-jailbroken iDevice.  Since iEmulators is out it is now possible again, the steps to do it are the same as before.  Note that there is also a second version of GBA4iOS, we will write a guide as soon as it is out.

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