How To Use The Burst Mode On The iPhone 5S

There is no doubt that iPhone 5S has many new and exciting features, but the iCamera beats them all. The advancements and improvements which Apple has made in the new iCamera are just simply amazing. Not only has the image and video quality been proved, but several new features have been added too.

Features like Square photo, Slow motion videos, Panorama wallpapers, intelligent true tone flash, Auto image stabilization, variety of filters, live video zoom and many others have been added in the new iCamera. The iPhone 5S camera has a larger aperture, faster focus, greater pixels, and a larger sensor as well.

Apart from all these exciting features and specifications, the ‘Burst Mode’ is something which has definitely set the iCamera apart from all the previous iPhone cameras. Burst mode is basically a feature which allows you to take multiple pictures. You can capture as many as 10 frames per second on the iPhone 5S using the burst mode.  Using the burst mode, you will never miss your best moments. Burst mode proves to be most helpful when capturing action shots when timing is not easy. So whether it is one of those rare moments which you cannot afford to miss or a casual action shot, the burst mode is always useful.

iPhone 5s Burst Mode

To use the Burst Mode, you need to launch your camera application on iPhone 5S and make sure that the camera is in the regular photo or square picture settings. Then, frame your shot as you would do while taking an ordinary picture, but instead of tapping the shutter release button once, you need to hold it. You can also hold the volume-up key. This way, instead of hearing the shutter click sound once, you will hear rapid series of clicks. Right next to the shutter button on the screen, you will see a count. This basically represents the number of picture you have taken in one burst. And this counter moves faster than you can count!

iPhone 5 s Photo Burst Mode

When viewing your burst photos, you will see some extra information which will indicate that this thumbnail is of burst photos. Then at second position you will see ‘Favorites’ text. This is basically the automatically best chosen photo by your intelligent iPhone 5S. It takes into account the background, the colors, the sharpness and even the eyes of people being captured. So your iPhone chooses the best picture for you which is not blur, person’s eyes are open and the background is perfect in colors. It may This may not necessarily be the best photo amongst the burst photos according to you, but it is the best one according to your phone.

iOS 7 Burst Photo Menu

iOS 7 Burst Photo Completed

The best part of Burst Mode is that it does not leave all the burst photos open in the pictures app, it creates a thumbnail instead. All burst photos captured in one click will be collected and shown together. This grouping of burst mode photos together makes them easier to view, manage, sort and delete.

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