How to shutdown Windows 8

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 comes with a very new interface called : Metro UI.  Everything is completely changed since Windows 7, so you need to learn how to do everything, even pretty basic things such like going to control panel or even how to shudown Windows 8. In this tutorial we will show you various ways how to shutdown Windows 8, from command prompt to interface shotcuts clicks.

Note that this tutorial has been done on Windows 8 but can and will also work on Microsoft’s newest OS update : Windows 8.1

Shutdown Windows 8 using command prompt

1. Boot Windows 8 and logon with your username.

2. Click on ‘Destkop’ icon on metro interface.

Windows 8 Desktop Button Metro UI

3. Right-click on bottom left corner and select ‘Run’ from contextual menu.

Right Click Run Menu Win 8

4. Input the following text in text field : ‘cmd’.  Doing this will open command prompt.

Command CMD Execute

5. To shutdown windows 8 you need to input the following command at prompt : shutdown /s /t 0

shutdown command windows 8

6. When you press ‘enter’, computer will automatically close everything and shutdown.

Windows 8 Shutting Down

How to shutdown Windows 8 using sliding menu

1. Move your mouse to the top right corner to show sliding menu.

2. Select ‘settings’ menu from it.

Metro UI Settings Menu

3. In settings menu, select ‘Power’ button’.

Windows 8 Power Button

4. From it, click on ‘Shutdown’ button if you want to shutdown your computer and ‘restart’ if you want to reboot.

Windows 8 Shutdown Button

5. Windows 8 will then be shutting down.

Windows 8 Shutting Down

How to shutdown Windows 8 using SurfaceSoft application

1. Download SurfaceSoft’s Shutdown Win 8 app from following location :

2. Run setup file and select all default options.  Do not forget to leave cheked following option : ‘Launch the program’.

SurfaceSoft Win 8 Shutdown Installer

3. Setup will create the following icon on your desktop. Also, when you double click on this icon, you will notice a similar shutdown screen to Windows XP’s.

Shutdown Win 8 Icon

Windows 8 shutdown menu like Windows XP

4. When you select ‘shutdown’, Windows 8 operating system will shutdown.

5. There is also a shortcut in Metro UI that does the same thing.

Metro UI Shutdown Shortcut Button


Shutting down your computer on Windows 8 is not as intuitive as on earlier Microsoft’s operating systems.  That’s why we had to show you how to shutdown windows 8 in a tutorial guide and various ways to do it.

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