How to recover Windows 8 password

How to recover Windows 8 password

Sometimes you may forget your administrator password or receive a computer to repair from some friend who forgot to tell you his password.  He is a guide on how to recover Windows 8 password with any Windows 8 boot disc (also work with Windows 7 boot disc).

What you need :

  • Windows 7 or 8 boot disc.


How to recover Windows 8 password

    1. First step is to insert boot disc and boot from it.  You can do so pressing F8 or F12 (depend on what kind of system you are) at the startup and select boot from CD/DVD drive.Windows 8 boot screen
    2. As soon as you get to the boot screen, press the following keys on your keyboard :  SHIFT + F10.Windows 8 Boot Command Prompt
    3. Next step, is to input the following 2 commands into command prompt :copy d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe d:\
      copy /y d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\sethc.exenote : these 2 commands replace ‘sticky notes’ by command prompt executable on your system. You can recover it later.Windows 8 Allow Command Prompt Hack
    4. Next step, you can close command prompt window and cancel windows installation.Cancel Windows 8 Installation
    5. Eject Windows 8 boot disc and reboot your computer.Windows 8 Lock Screen
    6. At lock screen, press SHIFT key 5 times in a row, command prompt will then open.Windows 8 Shift hit 5 times
    7. Next step is to list current user available on system.  Input the following command to do so : net user
    8. Now you can change user’s password with whatever you want.  Input the following command to do so : net user admin thisismynewpasswordWindows 8 Change password command
    9. Congratulation, you can now log on your locked system with new password..

Windows 8 password changed

Note that this hack also work for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. If you want to get your stickies back, simply insert Windows boot disc and copy back file (sethc.exe) from it to your c:\windows\system32\ folder.

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