How to print to PDF for free

If you have ever wondered how to create PDF files from Word, Excel or anything that can be printed out to a printer, well I have a little trick for you.

It is useful especially when you buy stuff online and you want to keep a file of your receipts.


What you need ?

CutePDF (freely downloadable at )



  • Run downloaded file (CuteWriter.exe) & follow steps to install.
cutepdf install
  • Click yes when it ask for PS2PDF converter install (require internet connection)


How to use it?

  • Print a document or a webpage from anywhere
  • Select as printer : CutePDF Writer (as shown on the following screenshot)


  • Select location for printed PDF file.

saveas cutepdf


If you have any question about how to print anything into a PDF file, just reply to this blog post and I will be glad to help you.

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