How to play SNES on your iOS device

We have previously posted a guide on how to play GBA on iOS device without jailbreak, but today we will show you how to play SNES on your iOS device.  Though this need your device to be jailbroken, I haven’t found a way to do this like the GBA trick yet.  This guide will be pretty straightforward and is done on a jailbroken iPad4.

Also, stay tuned on our blog in the following days we will be presenting your many more iOS guides and tutorials.

What you need

– a jailbroken iPad (any version)

– WiFi or cellular internet connection

How to do it

1. Open Cydia.

2. Tap on ‘Sources’ on bottom menu.

iOS Cydia Sources

3. Tap on ‘Edit’ on the top right corner of the screen.

Cydia Edit Sources

4. Tap ‘Add’ on top left corner of the screen and then input following address :

Note : This is a french cydia repository but don’t worry most of applications are english language.

Cydia Add French Repository

5. As this source is a non official Cydia source, you must accept it manually, tap on ‘Add anyway’.

Confirm external Cydia Source

6. Custom french repository will be installing.  Cydia will be updating its source files with it.

Cydia Custom Repository Updating

7. You will now notice that ‘iPadSystem’ is now available in sources screen.  You need to tap on it now.

Cydia iPadSystems Source

8. You will now have access to all iPadSystem’s packages.  Scroll down until you reach ‘SNES HD’ and tap on it.

SNES HD iPadSystem Cydia

9. Next step is to install SNES HD onto our jailbroken iPad, to do so, tap on ‘install’ button on top right corner.

SNES HD Install screen

10. Next screen confirm that you really want to download ‘SNES HD’ of 1.8mb size.  Tap on ‘Confirm’ on top right corner.

Cydia SNES HD Confirm Install

11. Cydia will now be downloading ‘SNES HD’ onto your iOS device and install it on your device main screen.

Downloading SNES iOS

12. Tap on ‘SNES HD’ icon to open emulator.

SNES HD Icon on iOS device

13. As soon as ‘SNES HD’ is started, you will notice that you can play with other player, just tap anywhere on the screen to cancel this.

SNES HD iOS Main Screen

14. To download ROMs, click on magnify icon on top and search for your ROMs on Google.  Downloading them from there will make them available automatically in ‘SNES HD’.

SNES HD Download ROMs



With a jailbroken iOS device you can almost do anything that you can do on a computer, there are also multiple ways of doing so and multiple console emulator available on the internet.  Also note that this tutorial is working on all iOS devices, that including iPhone and iPod Touch.  We will show you other tutorials about this soon, stay tuned.

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