How to play GBA on your iOS device without jailbreak

Play Gameboy Advance on your iOS

Today, we explain you how to play gameboy advance ROMs on your iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) without jailbreaking it!  It’s easy to do and very cool tip.

What you need

– iOS device

– Internet access

GBA4iOS : Download it here.


How to play GBA on iOS ?

1. Open Safari on your iOS device and browse to the following URL (click) : GBA4iOS

GBA for iOS website

2. Click on ‘Install APP’ blue button.

3. Wait for it to load new webpage.

GBA for iOS installation

4. Click on ‘next’ button.

GBA for iOS installation

5. Click on ‘Install app via OTA’.

Install via OTA

6. Make sure to accept ‘install’ warning.  Click on ‘install’ button.

iOS install warning

7. Installation is in progress, wait for it to download.

GBA4iOS is installing

8. When everything is downloaded and installed, you will see a purple icon for GBA4iOS.

GBA4IOS icon on iOS

9. When you open it, there is a warning, click ‘continue’.

GB4IOS open warning

10. So now, how to play games ?  Simply download ROMs using Safari from your iOS device and then click on downloaded file.  iOS will ask you with what program you would like to open it, select GBA4iOS.

GBA ROMs to open with GBA4iOS

11. Now you see ROM has been added to GBA4iOS, simply click on it and the game will open :

GBA4iOS ROM list

Pokemon on iPhone

Play GBA pokemon on iPhone


Now you can play any game from Gameboy Advance using your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod).  It’s easy and doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device which is simply amazing.


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