How to Install/Download BBM (Blackberry Messenger) in Android Platform

BlackBerry’s much-awaited BBM messenger was finally released by the company for both iOS and Android. The app allows users to exchange texts, voice notes and pictures with each other. It also offers group chat. Users need to sign-in with a BlackBerry ID following which a PIN is allocated to them, in a manner similar to BlackBerry Messenger on BlackBerry.  Users can then add friends by sharing their PIN with friends via SMS, email and social networks in addition to QR codes.

BBM on Android

How to Install BBM

1. Users can download the free BBM app for their devices from Google’s Play Store.

Google Store App Android BBM


2. Launch the app, Enter your email address when you will be asked if you have pre-registered. Tap Next. 

BBM Thank you screen


3. Wait for the email to arrive. It will take some time to send you email. After you receive the email, click on “I got the email” and enter your address, then tap Next. 

BBM Email Setup


4. Click Next on the following Congratulations screen to get started by setting up your BlackBerry ID.

BBM configured on Android

5.  Tap “Create a BlackBerry ID” if you have never created it. Else Sign in.

BBM Android Main Screen


6. Enter your email address, a password, recovery question, First Name, Last Name, country of origin and birthday. First and last name are optional. You’ll also need to check off that you’ve read the terms of service and whether you want to receive special messages from the company. Then tap Next.

BBM Account Setup


7. Take note of your BBM Pin because you will need it in the future. Tap Continue. A BBM PIN is like a username or an email address on other services, but it’s only for BBM.

Complete BBM Profile

8. Invite friends to join you on BBM. You can send an email, an SMS, enter the other person’s PIN. There is also a neat QR code system where one of you can scan the other’s code to link up. Tap Continue to BBM. 

BBM Invite Friends

9. Tap the three vertical dots on the bottom right of the screen. This will slide in a menu from the right. Tap Invite to BBM to get an additional option that is not present on the iOS app: NFC.

BBM Android Option Screen

10. Tap Invite by NFC. Then simply line up your device with another BBM user on Android to send the invite to connect.

BBM Android Invite by NFC


BlackBerry Messenger is no longer available only on BlackBerry devices.  As you can note, you can now use this secure messenger system on your Android device and even on iOS powered devices.  Android have one more feature compared to other devices : NFC contact invite.  Which is a little bit more secure.


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